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Magically Regenerating Clothing
Healing not only mends wounds, but clothing and bloodstains as well.
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Was Heals Everything, Including clothing

So you've been injured in some way, and you need immediate healing. Luckily, you have a friend with Healing Hands. He does what he does best, and nurses you back to perfect health in seconds. You look down to admire your friend's handiwork and think "Wow! He's good! My bloodstains are gone, and the puncture mark in my leather jacket is gone too! How does he do it?"

That's the question this trope raises. How do healers launder and repair your clothes, as well as heal your wounds, so quickly? This is commonly seen in fantasy and sci-fi works, and is almost never touched upon. When it is, it's usually Handwaved by the explanation that are just that good. Sometimes Healing Hands don't even have to be involved, characters with a Healing Factor will often display this talent.

When this happens in something drawn, like a Manga or Comic Strip for example, it is so the artist doesn't need to keep drawing the bloodstains and tears in clothing. To avert this, they would need to remember where each bloodstain and clothing tear was located on said character, and then draw it in every subsequent frame involving that clothing. So, unless they are Lampshaded, examples from animation will not be added.

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Seen It a Million Times


Live-Action Television
  • Whenever Leo would heal someone in charmed, usually their clothes would "heal" as well.

  • In this deleted scene from Thor, Selvig is wounded by a shard of glass only to be healed by Thor with his "healing stone". The stone not only clears up the wound but patches his cardigan as well

Video Games
  • Team Fortress 2's Meet the Medic video: When the Medic turns the medigun up to full power, it not only heals the Heavy's injuries, but repairs the damage to his jacket.

Web Comics
Elan: But how did it fix my cloak....?
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