Fighting Back Is Wrong
An Aesop where fighting back against bullies is a bad thing.

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This is a Aesop in which fighting back against a bully is portrayed as a bad thing. This is a Double Standard because apparently, it's okay for a Jerk Jock to bully the nerds, but it's not okay if the nerds ever fight back or get revenge. Often involves the message that sinking down to the bully's level will make you no better or even worse than they are and is a way to maintain the status quo of the bullies picking on the main characters.

This also applies to shows/stories which claims that any kind of self-defense or fighting back is wrong.

The Bully Hunter is often vilified in stories with this Double Standard Aesop. Compare to Turn the Other Cheek (the main difference is that Turn the Other Cheek encourages kindness towards bullies while this trope discourages self defense).

  • In Danny Phantom, Danny is regularly bullied by the Dash, but every time Danny uses his powers to retaliate it often backfires on him. One episode even has Danny apoligizing to the Dash and he gives Danny a wedgie before accepting the apology.
  • Real Life: Countless numbers of books and professionals about bullying will almost always say that fighting back is the wrong option.

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