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Fighting Back Is Wrong
An {{Aesop}} where fighting back against bullies is a bad thing.
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This is a Aesop in which fighting back against a bully is portrayed as a bad thing. Often involves the message that sinking down to the bully's level will make you no better or even worse than they are and may be a way to maintain the status quo of the bullies picking on the main characters.

This can apply to more serious villains as well, but fewer shows will take take the extreme stance that fighting back against serious threats is wrong.

If a show like this features a Bully Hunter they will be portrayed as misguided or really just bullies themselves. Compare to Turn the Other Cheek and Actual Pacifist. See also If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him.

This may end up being a Double Standard Aesop or Broken Aesop, if the nerd is shown as wrong to do the exact same thing the jock was doing to them.


  • In Danny Phantom, Danny is regularly bullied by the Dash, but every time Danny uses his powers to retaliate it often backfires on him. One episode even has Danny apoligizing to the Dash and he gives Danny a wedgie before accepting the apology.
  • Real Life: Countless numbers of books and professionals about bullying will almost always say that fighting back is the wrong option.

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