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was: Photo Dissolve Panorama

A Scene Transition trope:

A person (or the audience) is looking at a picture rendering of a location. The type will vary based on the timeframe:

  • a photo of the location in a book
  • a drawing of the location
  • a painting of the location
  • a photo of the location on a postcard
  • a photo of the location in somebody's album or stuck in their mirror
  • a photo of the location on a billboard
  • a stained glass window
  • a hologram

The camera lingers on the photo, and then the scene transition happens -- the photo dissolves into a view of the spot identical in arrangement to the photo, painting or drawing from the previous scene.

As an Ending Trope, the transition is reversed. We see the image frozen and then the scene transitions, leaving the picture.

Common parodies and tweaks to the trope result in the real location looking much worse than the real thing, or being dilapidated from neglect.

Sister Trope to Idiosyncratic Wipes, and can be combined with Flashback.


  • Creepshow and Creepshow 2. At the beginning of each segment, the first panel of a comic book story changed to a live action shot. At the end of each segment the reverse occurred.
  • The 2004 movie version of The Phantom of the Opera has this at the beginning and the end of the movie--probably an example of Bookends as well.
  • Sky High has this in the opening credits. Will's narration explains his life, and is showed in comic book pages. The panel focuses in on the Stronghold house, then dissolves into the Live Action image of the house.
  • In Corpse Bride, the painting of Victoria dissolves into Victoria in the middle of an Of Corset Hurts scene.
  • Disney Animated Canon loves this trope.
    • Beauty and the Beast has the ball celebrating the breaking of the curse. The scene transitions to a stained glass window rendering (no cameras -- it was the 1600s).
    • Enchanted features the happy Giselle, Robert, and Morgan freezing into illustrations on a pop-up book.
    • The Princess and the Frog has several, going from b/w newspaper photos to shots of the action.


Live-Action TV

Western Animation
  • Kick Buttowski is considering where to get eggs if not from the store. He looks up and sees a billboard with a picture of a farm. The scene transitions, and the farm is picture perfect to its rendering on the billboard as Kick arrives.
  • On The Simpsons this happens when Marge looks at the painting above their couch in order to get inspriation for a book to write.
    Marge: That's it! A novel about whaling! That's something you haven't seen before. Thank you, (squints to read title of painting) "Scene from Moby-Dick."
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