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Force and Finesse
A blunt force/precision slice pairing between fighters
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A subtrope of Red Oni, Blue Oni that could also be related to the Battle Couple.

This particular trope emphasizes the Red Oni, Blue Oni relationship by having a fighting style or weapon that reflects the user's personality. This often results in having a blunt force powerhouse and a precision cutter.

  • "The Force" is blunt, straightforward, and relies on sheer power to get through his battles. More often than not this guy would either use his bare fists or a really big sword to get the job done. He's probably on the slow side, but holy hell does he crush his competition. Expect this guy to be Unskilled, but Strong, at least relative to everyone else.

  • "The Finesse" is much more coolheaded and strategic in combat. He will often use a katana or an equally elegant weapon to slice through his opponents with deadly precision, or if he's unarmed he would prefer the use of karate chops or precision finger strikes. He's much faster than his hotheaded partner and likely weaker in terms of power, which emphasizes his Weak, but Skilled status.

These fighters are either rivals or allies, but often go head to head with each other. And while they're not exactly the same, the contrast between brute force and precision is always apparent whenever they show up.


  • Scryed has Kazuma and Ryuhou. Kazuma's Alter gives him a big metal fist while Ryuhou has a stand with blades.
  • Asura's Wrath uses this dynamic with Asura and Yasha. Asura uses his fists for everything while Yasha prefers to use Razor Wind.
  • Fist of the North Star has Kenshiro's fists and Rei's slicing techniques.
  • Guilty Gear contrasts Sol Badguy's BFS with Ky Kiske's more traditional longsword
    • Ragna and Jin share a similar contrast in BlazBlue: Ragna's got his BFS while Jin has his katana.
  • Rurouni Kenshin exhibits this with Kenshin's precision reverse-blade and Sanosuke's BFS. Sanosuke later ditches his sword and relies on his fists, further enhancing this trope.
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