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Walking Lingerie Scene
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Arguably the epitome of female Skimpier Is Better Fanservice, this girl doesn't have a Lingerie Scene, because having one implies that she wears something over them in the first place. No, this girl's usual style of clothing has her torso clad in what virtually (though not neccessarily literally) amounts to underwear; in other words, her wardrobe consists of almost nothing but bikini-style tops and bottoms (and the skimpier, the better!), alleged "tubetops" that are more or less strapless bras, body-hugging/sheer-fabric pantyhose, bodysuits and bodystockings that may as well be painted on, ultra-cropped/tight hotpants, "microskirts" that don't even bother pretending to cover her panties, and - if she's daring enough - nipple pasties and c-strings! Expect copious amounts of Partial Nudity, Stripperiffic and Vapor Wear to be thrown in whenever applicable, too.

Such a character would obviously also double as Miss Fanservice and/or Hello, Nurse!; Fetish Fuel Station Attendant is not very far away either. Less flattering portrayals would usually paint such a character as an Attention Whore.

The Distaff Counterpart to the Walking Shirtless Scene. Compare the slightly similar but Superhero-exclusive Underwear of Power.



Web Comics

  • Cosplay Girl in Ghastly's Ghastly Comic. She's a self-admitted Attention Whore (and as of this writing the trope image for that page). She goes so far as to only wear skimpy clothing in the Canadian winter... and her nipples are prone to poke somebody's eyes out.
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