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When games take the hero/es through an exhaustive array of terrains- forest, ocean, desert, cave etc
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You're a simple peasant boy in an RPG world, and even while you're harvesting the wheat and milking the cows, you can't help but feel a subtle but unmistakeable sense of great destiny about you. Then, one day, your beloved home is attacked by The Big Bad and his airship fleet. Do you run? Do you grab your family heirloom sword and leap into action? No. In your heart of hearts, you know what it is you must do: Travel. Your destiny awaits, but until you go through a Green Hill Zone, a Shifting Sand Land, a Death Mountain, a Slippy-Slidey Ice World and a Lethal Lava Land- very possibly in that order- you are simply not ready.

This trope describes the tendency of many works- video games, fantasy, sci-fi and adventure stories especially- to take the hero or heroes through an exhaustively diverse array of geographic terrains over the course of a single adventure, even if travel on that scale would be lethally impractical in a historically similar real life setting. Within the story, this is often explained by a need to recruit allies from different kingdoms or by the scattering of a Plot Coupon throughout the world. Out of story, the reason is to give an adventure an epic quality and to prevent it from being visually repetitive- plus, what's the point of making a great big beautiful fantasy world if you don't show it off?


Roleplaying Games
  • Most of the Shining Force series do this to some extent. The original Shining Force had several forests, a lengthy plains section, a couple mountain ranges, a bridge, and a reef island. Shining Force 2 may have it beat, though, with several forests, a chasm, a few different mountain ranges, two extended deserts, one cave, and ultimately spanning two continents as a whole.
  • Knights of the Old Republic takes the heroes on a journey from a space station to Tatooine (a desert world), Dantooine (fields and plains), Manaan (aquatic) and Kashyyk (forest), among others.


Fighting Games
  • Many fighting games, including the Street Fighter and Soul Calibur franchises, have characters traveling across continents and even the entire planet to fight one or two opponents and then move on.

Turn-Based Strategy
  • Brütal Legend, being a Turn-Based Strategy, as well as a Third-Person Action-Adventure, not only has the player traversing through wastelands, grasslands, beaches, underneath the foundation of the entire map (though this is used for a very specific purpose), long, winding mountains; and a satanic fortress, but the time of day and even the seasons change as you progress through the campaign as well!

  • Royal Envoy is a casual time and resources management game that sends the player to various islands (with deserts, forests, and volcanoes) to organize the rebuilding of towns.
  • Trial of the Gods Ariadne's Journey is a match-three game that sends Ariadne to rescue her man from Amazons. Along the way, she has to help rebuild the shrines of several goddesses and make her way through various environments (city, desert, forest).

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