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Cloning Extinct Species
Recreating animals that died out long ago through genetic engineering
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For some reason certain people get the idea of resurrecting long extinct species by cloning them. Never mind the issues with finding enough intact DNA or a compatible species to provide donor eggs and a uterus.

  • Jurassic Park is probably the Ur-Example.
  • In Existence chimeric neanderthals eventually become one of five recognized varieties of human. In the very end it's said that some of the Emissaries were enticed to cooperate with the new Artifact plan by offering to resurrect their species using salvaged alien technology that could create cells from scratch
  • The Mac game Nanosaur is about genetically engineered sapient raptors from the 41st century going back in time to retrieve dinosaur eggs.
  • In Schlock Mercenary apatasauri are occasionally mentioned on the news as zoo animals, in one "Schlocktoberfest" arc a Mad Scientist introduces Megalodons to a terraformed Pleasure Planet.
  • In Fellowship of Heroes a "Dr. Yesterday" cloned dinosaurs in sufficient numbers that a couple of states had to be evacuated, Texas domesticated them however, resulting in mammoth steaks and brachiosaur rodeos.
  • Orion's Arm features lazurogenics, which has reconstructed and many extinct or even cryptozoological species. Most of them have been provolved such as the Toh Chi Lok, some of whom have transcended to form the archailect "The Archosaurian Entity
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