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Fat (or should I say large? chubby? fluffy?) people tend to come up with any excuse they can to avoid the stigma of being labeled as what they are: Fat. The most common excuses heard are that they are just big-boned, it's just baby fat, they have a slow metabolism or that it's a glandular disorder.

This would be Truth in Television, defintely.

A form of Insistent Terminology. See also Does This Make Me Look Fat? and Hollywood Pudgy.

Snake: Give me my car, fatty!
Homer Simpson: What? This is my car! And I'm not fat, it's glandular!
  • In the Scare Tactics comic, Grossout's mother kept insisting that he was just "big for his age".
  • Dudley Dursley's parents insisted he was big-boned and still had baby fat. Of course, the school nurse didn't believe them, so Harry had to spend the summer eating fruit and leftover cakes from his birthday.
  • Manfred in Ice Age. "I'm not fat. It's all this hair. It makes me look poofy."
  • Obelix from the Astérix comics. Calling him fat is almost a Berserk Button with him.reply:
  • In Harry Potter, Hagrid (half-giant) asks Olympe Maxime (also half-giant, but reluctant to admit it), which of her parents was a giant. She replies "I am merely big-boned!"
  • Gilligan's Island.
Skipper: I'm not fat; I'm just big boned.
Gilligan: Yeah, and they're covered by big meat!
  • For Doug he had a crisis when he had gained weight and worked out hard to get back to his normal weight, only to realize he was always a little chubby. Talking with some chunky friends they each gave some alternate terminology like "big boned" and "stout" and when Doug asked what he was they said "husky?"
  • Homer Simpson also averted this one time when he told Marge (paraphrase from memory) "Nobody puts on 20 pounds of bone!"
  • Horace, known as "Fat Kid," of The Monster Squad, to two bullies:
Horace: Look, I have a glandular problem, OK? At least I don't have a stupidity problem!
  • Garfield
  • In Digimon Adventure, Whalemon said this. In the dub.reply:
  • Comedian Mikey Robins once explained that his size was indeed a result of a gland problem: he'd eaten too many glands.
  • Barbershop
Dinka: I'm big-boned, Rick!
  • The Wrath of God
Jennings: My size is due to a glandular condition, Mr. Keogh.
  • Moesha
Kim: [about Kim's weight] It's just baby fat.
Taylor: No, it's just fat, baby.
Eric: You know, at first I blamed it on myself. I thought maybe glands, and then I thought maybe metabolism, but then I thought to myself I'm no racist, so it all goes back to you guys.
Alan Matthews: Listen, Porky, we're in the middle of a serious family discussion here.
Strong Bad: Good grief, Bubs, you've really let yourself go.
Bubs: Hey, man, I've got a glandular problem!
Strong Bad: More like a gravy boat problem.

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