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Everything's Better With Helicopters
A work uses helicopters for coolness
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Helicopters are amazing machines. With the ability to take off without a runway, fly backwards and sideways, and hover, they are like the flying cars we never had. Some works add helicopters even when they're not necessary.

See also Cool Plane.


  • An Acura commercial of a car driving around a racetrack shows the helicopter carrying the overhead camera.
  • A commercial trading service has a customer bragging the service has their own helicopter. Why do they need a helicopter? He doesn't know, but it's a helicopter!

Video Games
  • In the beginning of one of the missions in Call of Duty: Black Ops there is an entire swarm of helicopters around a landing site.

  • The 1996 adaptation of Romeo and Juliet showed a lot of shots of the prince of Verona and other Verona Beach police flying around in helicopters.

  • Almost all news or traffic stations have a segment where the reporter in their traffic helicopter reports directly on the air instead of simply passing the information to station staff.
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