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Tracked by an implanted chip.
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Works set in the future or depicting organisations with access to advanced technology often show that characters have been injected with microchips to identify or track them. This can show technological advancement or a lack of privacy for the protagonists.

In darker works, a character may not recall being "chipped" and be alarmed when they find one in their body, raising questions about who is tracking them and how it was installed.

Note that technologies that aren't used for tracking or identification, such as the head jacks in The Matrix, don't count as examples.

Compare Big Brother Is Watching, Restraining Bolt, The Schizophrenia Conspiracy.



  • In Casino Royale, MI6 implants a GPS tracker in James Bond to keep track of him.
  • Demolition Man. As part of Doctor Cocteau's master plan, almost everyone in San Angeles had an organic microchip implanted in them. Sensors around the city can determine the exact location of any of them at any time. The Scraps clearly don't have chips implanted, or Cocteau's forces would have hunted them down before the movie started. Simon Phoenix is also noted as not having a chip.
  • In Never Let Me Go, the students have microchips implanted in their wrists.
  • In The Matrix, Neo is bugged with a tracking-bug. It is removed by Trinity.
  • In Total Recall (1990), Quaid has been implanted with a tracking chip in his head which he manages to find out about and remove before the bad guys can reach him.
  • In Mission: Impossible II, the good guys put a chip in Ethan's head which transmits his location to a satelite. They tell him "this chip is completely untraceable." Which kind of defeats the purpose, when you think about it.

  • In the Maximum Ride series, Max realizes that she has a microchip implanted in her arm, and that this means the lab she came from will always be able to track her. She tries to get it out herself and later has it surgically removed.
  • In The Hunger Games, all the tributes going into the Games are implanted with a tracker so that the Capitol knows where they are in the arena at all times.
  • Great Crystal series by Vladislav Krapivin had a world with Computerized Judicial System using "bio-indexes", set early on and irremovable as they saturate the whole body -- it started as a convenience, and in two generations or so ended up in outlawing anyone who remains index-less. Naturally, when a boy with otherwise inconsequential healing talent accidentally purged himself of this thing, the bureaucracy overreacts and Hilarity Ensues.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
  • In the Red Dwarf episode Epideme, Kryten uses a scanning device to identify the dead body of an ex-JMC employee. He mentions that it is attempting to locate her microchip, since JMC employees are implanted with them.
  • In Heroes, Company kidnaps evolved humans and injects them with tracking devices ("bagging and tagging").
    • In the first episode of volume 4, Hiro implants Ando with a GPS tracker.
  • In the Doctor Who episode The Long Game set in the year 202,000 all humans have a chip implanted in them to enable their brains to work as computers. It also allows the Monster of the Week to read their mind.
  • In The X-Files third season episode "The Blessing Way", Scully discovers a computer chip implanted in her neck. In later episodes she tries to find out what it does.
  • In The Last Enemy, Stephen Ezard discovers that he had been chipped when he is automatically let into his house.
  • In the CSI: Miami episode "Legal", a victim was identified by the ID/credit chip she'd had implanted in her arm so she could go to nightclubs without a purse.
  • In Charlie Jade all people in the Alphaverse have chips implanted in their arms that act as identification, an electronic wallet and as tracking devices. The plot of the series is kicked off when a women is found dead and the autopsy reveals that she does not have a chip and never had one implanted at all. This is an impossibility in that world so the titular detective is asked to investigate.

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[[folder:Web Comics]]
  • This is joked about from time to time in Sluggy Freelance, with Riff saying he's put a chip in Torg's head. A Dorito.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • In the pilot episode of Futurama, everyone has a chip implanted with the information on the job they are best suited for. It isn't brought up again until the following season and never mentioned after that.
  • In The Simpsons episode "The Boy Who Knew too Much" (S5 E20) Principal Skinner bemoans the fact that only the kids that don't need to be tracked volunteered to be chipped.

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