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The Godzilla Threshold
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The point at which a situation has become so bad that summoning Godzilla could not possibly make it any worse.

Many films reach that point where it's time for one hell of an awesome fight. However, the characters cannot morally justify entering into a battle with such a ridiculous scale of collateral damage. Therefore, before this battle can occur, we must pass the Godzilla Threshold whereby no matter how much collateral damage or friendly-fire occurs, it is still preferable to the alternative. Once the Threshold is passed, ANY plan, no matter how ludicrous, impossible or dangerous, suddenly becomes a valid option - and, if it's handled properly, the audience doesn't even notice.

Often the threshold is engineered and is occasionally so bad as to instigate a Wall Banger or, at least, some serious Fridge Logic.

Named for the old Godzilla cartoons where Godzilla would conveniently emerge from a nearby body of water to combat whatever threat had bested the characters.


- In Michael Bay's Transformers; when the Deceptions are closing in on the All Spark, the preferred military solution is to hide the All Spark in downtown LA - where the deceptions will surely never be able to find it (disregarding the fact that they already managed to trace it to Southern California from a starting point on a completely different planet). Of course, the real reason is Michael Bay's wish to have a massive battle in the middle of Los Angeles, causing trillions of dollars worth of damage and a hefty death-toll in the process - but in order to disguise the ridiculousness of this from the viewer, he invokes the Godzilla Threshold to stop it occurring to them until they reach the Fridge half-an-hour later.

- The Power Rangers managed to pass the Godzilla Threshold in every episode. Oh dear, there's big monster doing some rampaging, we'd better get our big monster to battle it right in the middle of the city (2D cardboard set). Of course, this is criminally irresponsible and they could have easily taken steps to try and move the fight outside the city, but it never occurs to them (or the audience) because they have passed the Godzilla Threshold.
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