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Painting The Sun
Being able to alter reality with ink and brush
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It's a beautiful day, the flowers are in the field, the streams are flowing, and... what's this? No sun in the sky? But it's almost the afternoon. Hey Ammy, why don't you try Painting The Sun?

This is an Imagination-Based Superpower based on painting. Fridge Logic dictates that in order to even use this, despite having the ability to alter thing the ink touches, you'd need some way of creating a canvas in midair, and possibly being able to change the color of ink. Naturally, this makes one a Reality Warper, but unlike most, it takes a certain amount of skill to get things done instead of having raw cosmic power.

Contrast with Art Initiates Life, where art is instead used to summon living things. Painting the Frost on Windows is a subtrope, concerned with using this to explain natural/supernatural events.

Expect this to likely be a Mad Artist.


Anime and Manga
  • Also in Naruto (in the anime), there was a girl who had illusory paint powers. While she couldn't alter reality itself, she could alter perception of reality, creating full scale illusions.

  • Bruce Almighty: Has Bruce draw stars into the sky with his fingers to create a romantic moment with his girlfriend, after receiving God's powers.

  • Harold and the Purple Crayon is a series of children's books about Harold creating his surroundings by drawing all of reality with the purple crayon of the title.

Video Games
  • In Epic Mickey, all levels have various objects with cartoon-vibrant shades of color that you can "thin" out (make disappear) or silhouettes of missing objects you can "paint" in (make appear). Some of it is just cosmetic, but in many places this can be used to create or remove platforms to stand on.
  • Ōkami had thirteen brushstrokes based on the Eastern Zodiac (plus cat). These are basically able to summon various elements or redirect them from a source.

Western Animation
  • Two Looney Tunes go to town with this trope: "Duck Amuck" where Bugs Bunny wields the brush, and "Rabbit Rampage" where Elmer Fudd takes control.
    • Also in Looney Tunes, Wile E. Coyote paints things like tunnels, which Road Runner uses to escape. The fact that the make can't use it (and runs into the wall it's painted on trying), makes this an inversion.
  • In one episode of Reboot, Hexidecimal gains access to Mainframe's paint program, which lets her do whatever she wants to the city, enlarging/shrinking/copying/pasting and all around doing whatever she wants.
  • In a Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons Bart & Lisa are Trapped in TV Land, specifically in an episode of "The Itchy & Scratchy Show." Itchy & Scratchy have them trapped in the backseat of a taxi and are about to kill them, so Lisa draws an "eject" button on the inside door to escape.

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