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Dsproportionate Compensation
Character or a player gets way less or way more of a compensation he expected for.

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Character spent numerous hours, maybe days of their time to accomplish a goal, maybe it's fishing for a big fish in a contest

He finally gets a 15 KG one! And when he evaluates it at the judges, his prize is...

25 buck and a coffee cup sized trophy.

On the opposite end of the scale, a character is somehow wronged and gets comically overcompensated.

Example of the former is the fishing section of Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time where netting the biggest one, which might take a LONG time to catch, gets you 50 rupees, an amount you can make in a single dungeon run, pretty much.

Example of the latter is in a Team Fortress 2 Halloween comic where Heavy talks intimidatingly about wasting his hard earned cash for candy to give to the trick-or-treating kid he is speaking to, whom he also called overwheight. Mid-speech the kid starts crying and heavy regrets calling the kid fat despite himself not liking it and drops 7,000 dollars in the kids bag to make up for it.
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