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Addled Addict
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When a drug addict is left a physical and mental wreck from his/her addiction to drugs or alcohol. The decline is often documented as a way of showing Drugs Are Bad. This is distinct from the Functional Addict (who is still capable of accomplishing the tasks of every day life) and The Alcoholic (whose character trait is simply that they are usually drunk, but not completely ruined) but the Functional Addict may become this.

The Logical Extreme is someone being killed by their addiction.


Anime and Manga
  • In the Black Lagoon story arc involving Abu Sayyaf, the Triad enlists as Revy and Rock's chauffeur to the US military base a Knife Nut assassin named Shenhua and a driver named Leigarch who is continuously snorting coke. A previous overdose resulted in frequent hallucinations, and between then and Shenhua's next appearance in the Greenback Jane arc, he apparently OD'd again and wrecked his brain to the point where he had to be institutionalized.

Comic Books

  • In Little Laura And Big John , very near the end of the film we see that the title Laura has drunk herself stupid after John's death.
  • In Traffic Caroline goes from straight-A student to crack whore after she is introduced to freebasing cocaine.

  • King Wargun and Krager in The Tamuli. Wargun (who is still sane in The Elenium) is said to be insane from drink and locked in one wing of the palace at the beginning, and Krager has lost his mind and is dying at the end. It's mentioned that, by the end of The Tamuli, Wargun is dead as well.

  • In The First Law series, the Lovable Rogue mercenary leader Nicomo Cosca goes from a Functional Addict with a drinking problem to one of these by the end of Red Country, with a lot of description given to how much of a physical and mental wreck he has become. It also seems like as his alcoholism gets worse from novel to novel, he also declines morally, and is basically the Big Bad of Red Country.

  • In the Flashman series, Flashman's father, Buckley, ends up in this state, helped along by experiencing a financial collapse from bad investments. In the first novel of the series, he's a bad-tempered old rake with a drinking problem, and shortly after that, he's put in an asylum to be treated for the DT's. He appears as a POV character in the spin-off novel Black Ajax but doesn't really show up after that (except for mentions of his bad physical and mental health), and it is implied that his son basically left him there to rot.

  • In Traffic Caroline goes from straight-A student to crack whore after she is introduced to freebasing cocaine.

Live Action TV
  • Dolores Mayo, the interim civilian aide played by Lola Glaudini on NYPD Blue, just seemed shy at first. Then it was revealed she was using heroin. Then she went downhill very fast.


Real Life
  • Jacques François Mouret, once an excellent chessplayer and director of The Turk (a chess-playing "automaton") was a notorious drunk. George Walker would later mourn "he unhappily formed habits of dissipation fatal to his respectability and standing in society. He burnt out his brain with brandy and died recently in Paris reduced to the extremest stage of misery and degradation." Mouret was only 50 years old.
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