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Rosie the Riveter
Keep The Home Fires Burning through heavy industry
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Rosie the Riveter is a character created by the American government for propaganda purposes in World War II to encourage women and young ladies, who in general believed that a woman's role was restricted to being a homemaker, to go into previously male-dominated tasks like construction and heavy industry to assist with the war effort because most of the able-bodied men had gone off to war. A Wrench Wench in general, the most iconic depiction shows her with one sleeve rolled up with a Bicep-Polishing Gesture and exclaiming "We Can Do It!"

Obviously, women had previously entered into the workforce before, but Rosie represented the first time that doing so was widely encouraged. For the traditional-minded, Rosie appealed to their Patriotic Fervor; for the progressives, Rosie was a giant step forward in the women's rights movement.


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