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Rapid Fire No
A character says 'No' several times in quick succession
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Alice is about to do something on accident, or on purpose, that Bob and Charlie doesn't want her to do. Let's say "knocking over a priceless vase". If they use a Little "No", they run the risk of Alice not hearing them and knocking it over. If they use a Big "NO!", they might accidentally startle Alice and actually cause her to knock it over. So what do they do? They go "Nononononononononononononononononono..." until either she stops, or knocks it over, causing it to shatter into 9001 pieces.

This is not usually effective, as half the time, Alice will ignore them. In Comedy, the instances in which it does work are generally a Set Up to have the vase get smashed anyway, just after they were relieved that it wasn't broken. In Action, however, Alice is more inclined to listen to them, but may sometimes choose to do it anyway.


  • When the Mythbusters took on claims that a tattoo would explode in an MRI, Kari and Tory suggested that Scottie should get some super-metallic ink added to her arm before going into the machine, Scottie delivered one of these.
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