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Normal sex (for those of us who aren't aliens) involves two people. Supposedly it feels pretty good. So what's the most obvious way to this steamy dynamic and ramp it Up to Eleven? Add another person. Preferably a sexy one.

The third person in this scenario is usually a woman, and the important in-focus character is usually a man, for the simple reasons of Male Gaze. This trope is most commonly used as a form of basic Fanservice, so who these women are or why they're willing to get into a threesome is rarely considered important information. Oftentimes, both women won't even have Nominal Importance, and will exist entirely to show off how manly the guy is for having a threesome. This aspect of the trope is shown in one recurring aspect of the sex act- it will sometimes start out with the two women making out for an extended period of time before eventually "inviting" the man to join in, conveniently shortly before we Fade to Black.

In terms of narrative, most dramatic tension is built in the lead-up to the act, with characters discussing how or why the want to do it. It can also be used to develop sexual tension during the act by having the male character do it with his girlfriend and a third party, only to discover he kind of likes the third party more. Some audience members will be annoyed that his getting too much sex is supposed to count as a "problem".

An easy way of raising the stakes in an Everybody Has Lots of Sex setting. The supertrope to (and actual enactment of) Twin Threesome Fantasy. Contrast Mile-High Club in terms of sexual rubicons that all men are supposed to aspire to. (Do we have this index?)

  • As per its Everybody Has Lots of Sex notoriety, Nip/Tuck seems to engage in this trope with a fair amount of regularity. Most of the time it's just Christian doing it because, you know, he's Christian, but a couple of plot-focused examples stand out-
    • Matt agrees to engage in these with his ex-girlfriend lesbian cheerleader and her also-a-cheerleader lover, who feels that her new girlfriend is getting turned off the relationship because she's "not getting enough cock". Better Than It Sounds, really.
    • Sean and Christian engage in one with a high-class call-girl. Notable for sounding like a subversion of the "one guy two girls" dynamic while actually being completely unlike most examples of the trope. It's not really a "threesome" so much as it is "they take turns mounting her".
  • One of these happens in Entourage, when Eric's girlfriend's best friend suggests they all do it. Here, her motivations are treated as suspect, and are the first thing Eric brings up with his (male) friends. They conclude that what she really wants is to have sex with Eric's girlfriend, and Eric being around is just a plausible excuse for her to suggest it. Though not considering this in itself to be a dealbreaker, Eric ultimately decides against the proposal. But when he offhandedly mentions to his girlfriend that he "didn't think you'd be into it", she insists that they do do it, apparently interpreting Eric's statement as some sort of remark on her not being adventurous enough.
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