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But Seriously, Folks
Played For Laughs, but with a serious point
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This is when a show is mostly humourous, but has a very serious point to make. Can result in sudden Downer Endings from time to time, and often plays Cerebus Ping Pong with itself. This isn't just a lesson tacked on the end, but rather a point made throughout the show.


Live Action TV
  • Canada's Worst Driver often seems like a Point-and-Laugh Show... or a Point And Be Horrified Show... and sometimes you feel awful for the people involved. It's also a warning just how dangerous and difficult driving can be. Laugh all you want, Aaron (who was physically disabled from a car crash in 2005) served as a stark reminder of the damage bad driving can cause.
  • Some Disney Channel show are supposed to make a point about being frank and responsible, and deliver a lot of Fridge Horror. The Wizards in particular.
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