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Sounds Like He's Killing Her
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This trope is NOT about masochism. We already have tropes for that. This is about when a character is having sex, or doing something else non-masochists would enjoy (it doesn't have to be sex), and the noises they make are mistaken for screams of pain by other characters. The opposite of Looks Like She Is Enjoying It. Definitely Needs More Examples.


  • In the short film version of D.E.B.S., the Charlie's Angels-like team thinks their colleague is being tortured, but her screams are actually the villain giving her an orgasm.
  • In Sealab 2021 Dr. Quinn is taken away for questioning by Bizarro Debbie. After the sounds of torture give way to sounds of obvious intercourse, Murphy loudly proclaims "Good lord, she's killing him!"
  • In Absolute Power, hearing the sounds of rough sex and believing the President to be in danger, Secret Service agents burst in, shooting the President's mistress dead.
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