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Legacy Boss Battle
Boss fight from one game appears in another game as a bonus boss
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NOTE: This YKTTW is here because I'm sure that Legacy Boss was a trope. but the article and list of examples was missing. So I'm not sure if it was deleted or move. So I'm making this in the hope of finding it or replacing something that seemed to never existed.

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A Legacy Boss Battle is a boss from one game that appears as a boss in a later installment, often as a Bonus Boss and as a result generally much harder than the original boss fight. Though some storyline bosses can fit as well.

If the boss' game of origin is from another franchise, than these may be Mythology Gags or Lawyer Friendly Cameos.

Of important note, is that most Legacy bosses are only fight able in the post game and don't have any role in the plot. So Big Bad Final Boss examples don't qualify unless the Big Bad of the game his cameo is in is different, or because the fight feels more familiar than the context would indicate.

Compare and contrast Degraded Boss, Recurring Boss Template, Previous Player-Character Cameo, Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome and Giant Space Flea from Nowhere. Nostalgia Level is the Level version.


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     Action Adventure 

     Hack and Slash 


     Real Time Strategy 
  • Warcraft III has an optional fight against an enormous monster called the Butcher, a boss from the Diablo series.

     Role Playing Game 

     Turn Based Strategy 

NOTE: I'm not sure if I should Include Previous Player Character Cameos (like Red) or recurring Bonus Bosses (like Baal). However, I'm am sure that bosses that had roles to play in the plots of their debut game and the games they appear in afterwards (Like Xehanort) don't count unless they were a Bonus Boss first (and those case would be inversions). That may change if I rename it Nostalgia Boss Battle.
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