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Evil Orphan

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Sometimes you get lucky, and the Mysterious Waif you adopted becomes a well-adjusted and welcome addition to the family. Other times. . .not so much.

Of course, the young couple has no idea anything is wrong, but tropers will know right away there's something not right with this newcomer. She's a Creepy Child, who looks like she strolled straight out of the Uncanny Valley. It's not long before things start going wrong around her. Pets start acting up. Things go missing. There are fires. Injuries. Nocturnal birds of prey show up everywhere.

As if they don't have enough to worry about, the couple's biological child is making up crazy stories about how the orphan is planning to kill them all in their sleep! They will be ignored. Sometimes one or both of the parents figure it out at the very last minute. Sometimes it falls to the children to stop her.

The Evil Orphan is the modern-day incarnation of the changeling tale. It uses the tried-and-true horror of Subverted Innocence and the Devil in Plain Sight, as there is little that can compare to the fear and revulsion of discovering that one has been succoring evil incarnate in ones own home.

Expect anything of the Ungrateful Bastard, but be particularly on the lookout for those that play on her youth, like the Wounded Gazelle Gambit. May cause Fridge Horror when the audience wonders just how she became an orphan in the first place. Incorporates any and every trope having to do with with Creepy Children. See also Enfant Terrible.


  • Johan from Monster, of course. And then there was that time his twin sister poisoned a room full of people...


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