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All Success Is Faustian
All success is spawned by a deal with the devil.

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There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Any form of success, career-oriented, technological, artistic, what-have-you, is spawned from a Deal with the Devil. It may also be Powered by a Forsaken Child. Beware shades of And Man Grew Proud. Related to Ambition Is Evil. As a rule, this means that anything a person creates will blow up in their face:

Frankenstein: Victor creates the creature (and neglects it terribly); the creature turns on him.

Star Trek: Every single new technology, with only a few exceptions that are usually developed off-screen like quantum torpedoes or faster warp drives, ends up like this.

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: Jackson becomes President only to come to despise the office and the people.
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