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Blinding camera flash

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A person uses a camera and takes a photo...and the flash wasn't off. The resulting flash either blinds the unfortunate recipient of said photo or makes them see spots. This can be used as a handy distraction or even as a nasty form of Improvised Weapon. Truth in Television as anyone who's ever had to take a school photo or have been at an area with a lot of flash photography can attest. Sub-Trope of Blinded by the Light.
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  • April 6, 2011
    Tourists can use this as a weapon in NetHack.
  • April 6, 2011
    Ed Edd And Eddy had an entire episode revolving around a camera.
  • April 6, 2011
  • April 6, 2011
    sub-trope, not super-trope.
  • April 6, 2011
    Used on The Simpsons as a weapon against crazed robot Itchys and Scratchys at Itchy And Scratchy Land. Flashing them caused their brains to go haywire.
  • April 6, 2011
    • The scanner enemies in Half Life 2 do this if you're looking at them when they photograph you (this is pretty much the only hazard they pose, apart from occasionally giving your position away to a strider).
    • In Fallout 3, your character being blinded by one on his birthday as a child is used to transition to the next point of your character's childhood/the tutorial.
  • April 6, 2011
  • April 6, 2011
    • Western Animation: happens in an episode of The BBC's kids' show Kerwhizz, when contestant Ninki is trying out her new camera on her canine companion Pip, much to his annoyance.
  • April 7, 2011
    Tabletop RPG
    • Paranoia supplement Acute Paranoia, adventure "Me and My Shadow Mark IV". The PCs' mission equipment includes a lightbot named Mikey, who was intended to be a photographer's assistant. If the word "light" is used around him he'll start flashing lights in the unfortunate character's eyes, blinding him.
  • April 8, 2011
    happened in Quantum Leap to Sam when a reporter's flashbulb exploded in his face temporarily blinding him. Since he was currently impersonating a blind person this saved him from being exposed as a sighted impersonator.
  • April 8, 2011
    Exaggerated by Discworld's Otto von Chriek ever since his introduction in The Truth. He's a vampire who loves photography. As a result, whenever he takes a flash photo, it results in his demise until blood is poured on his ashes. He's tried a few solutions, but not using the flash hasn't been one of them.
    • In the "school photo" episode of Doug, there's a Running Gag about people being blinded by the camera and wandering around dizzily.
    • The video game Academy of Champions: Soccer has one character use a weaponized camera flash as a special move that blinds other players.
  • April 8, 2011
    In Eternal Darkness, one of the characters (a WWII journalist) has a camera with a limited amount of flash powder which he can use to stun enemies (which is good, since you don't really start off with any particularly powerful weapons in that chapter).
  • April 8, 2011
    • Accidentally happened in Hoodwinked.
    • It's the main obvious reason (i.e. ignoring variety of overcomplicated hypotheses) why photography is prohibited in so many quite innocent public places such as museums. Because when not, you guaranteed to have at least one or two morons blinding everyone around with their precious soapboxes every ten seconds or so.