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Story takes priority over visuals.
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I think making your audience experience an emotional reaction is the core of good storytelling, and you canít evoke emotion without likable, relatable characters.
Lauren Faust

What makes a good work?

Authors of this school of tough give the story the most importance. While visual effects or drawings are important they are simply a medium to convey a good story. While they don't deny it is great to have good visuals and in fact they will strive for having the best visuals they can possible have. As long as the story is good it won't matter if the visuals are of terrible or of bad quality.

For them the heart of a good story is in the characters and/or the situations they face. Usually this kind of actors tend to focus on Narrative Tropes rather than Visual Tropes. As such they spend most f their time developing character's internal traits like personality and complex World Building in order to convey their stories, often through a Universe Bible.

Opposite with the John K. School of Thought


Western Animation
  • This is Pixar's official company motto.
  • Lauren Faust believes that the most important part of a plat are the characters, because they are able to convey trough their personalities emotions to the audience.
  • Greg Weisman from Gargoyles is unable to draw. This doesn't stop him however. He often leaves the visual work for artist. While he focuses on developing complex plots and interesting characters. His work often includes detailed background information to his characters and detailed timelines for each of them.
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