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Enhanced Archaic Weapon
Supertrope for weapons which have been enhanced beyond what they traditionally were capable of
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This trope covers archaic weapons that have been upgraded in some way to make them more effective. To qualify as this trope a weapon must have been invented before gunpowder weapons became dominantnote  and enhanced in a way that they were not at the time (although they can still appear before that point) through magic or technology.

"Why bother with them?", you ask? Let's not mince words; older weapons are cool and can say a lot more about characters (especially since they tended to be unique to some degree). It's a lot more exciting to have characters fighting up close and personal than it is for them to fling metal and fire at one another from half a mile away. Similarly, traditional projectile weapons (bows, slings, etc) give the impression that the user needs skill to use them. Making these weapons more powerful (or just look that way to the audience) not only makes it even more exciting, but can give a plausible reason why they're using them (instead of the aforementioned metal and fire flinging devices).

Subtropes include;

This trope often overlaps with Retro Upgrade (which might be used to justify why the enhancement hasn't simply been applied to more advanced weapons), Living Weapon/Empathic Weapon and Archaic Weapon for an Advanced Age. Compare Older Is Better and Guns Are Worthless.

Examples (examples which fit into an existing subtrope belong on that page):

Live Action Television
  • CSI: New York featured the "Wasp Knife", which injects air into the target to cause them to burst, as a murder weapon.
  • Law & Order: SVU featured a similar weapon to the CSI example, which worked by injecting the victim with air.

Tabletop Games
  • Eclipse Phase has monofilament swords and garrottes, diamond-edged axes, vibroswords, swords made of memory polymer that becomes stiff or hard with an electric charge and wasp knives among others.
  • In addition to Chainsaw Good and Sharpened to a Single Atom examples being commonplace, Warhammer 40K also has much rarer "Power Weapons". These are enhanced by a hazy blue "power field" (produced by a generator on what would otherwise be a normal melee weapon) which weakens the molecular bonds of whatever they strike.

Video Games

Real Life
  • In Real Life many examples of more traditional weapons exist for one reason or another;
    • Compound Bows use a series of pullies and cams to make them easier to draw and hold in place (as well as increase the overall power of the bow). They were developed for hunting (as well as for disabled archers to use in target shooting).
    • The Wasp knife, as mentioned in the CSI example above. It was developed for divers to use to fight off sharks by injecting them with air, so they float to the surface (and don't bleed as much, which might drive other sharks into a frenzy).

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