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Elimination is a stepping stone to winning
Did I say you were eliminated? It turns out somebody in front of you was disqualified, and you got in after all...and you ended up winning, too!
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Somebody (almost always the main character(s) of the story) is the last person/group eliminated in a preliminary round of some competition, only for it to turn out that one of the persons/groups who did qualify was disqualified for some reason, and the person/group qualifies for the next round after all - and ends up winning the final competition.

This is a subcase of what should be another trope - where the eventual winners always seem to qualify in the last qualifying spot in each preliminary round.

  • Pitch Perfect - the singers are eliminated in the semi-final round, but it turns out one of the teams above them had somebody who was too young.
  • Akeelah and the Bee - Akeelah appears to be the last person eliminated in the first level of the competition, but somebody points out the person who finished in the last qualifying spot was cheating as somebody in the audience mouthed the answer to him.

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