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Everything's Creepier With Cockroaches
The worst of the worst when it comes to insects.
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We all know bees can be horrible, centipedes terrifying, and flies just annoying. But cockroaches are perhaps the biggest household pest of them all.

They crawl, they swarm, they eat leftover food, they stink, and they scatter when exposed to bright light. Roaches are also incredibly hardy -- some being able to survive without food for about a month -- and very adaptable to many environments, preferably those that are warm and moist. Often times this is exaggerated in fiction in that they are able to survive a nuclear war (though roaches can withstand radiation poisoning for a long period of time, they are not immune to its effects). They're also used as a symbol of filth and decay in fiction.

This trope is dedicated to all things roachy (no, not that kind of roach, or that kind of roach).


  • Men In Black features a giant roach alien who devours a human and uses his skin as a disguise. He also leaves swarms of roaches wherever he goes, and loves sugar (preferably in water).

Live-Action TV
  • ER had a woman who had a small cockroach removed from her ear. she immediately freaks out and stomps on it.

Newspaper Comics
  • La Cucaracha stars an anthropomorphic roach named Cuco Rocha.

Web Original
  • Homestar Runner has Gavin, an ordinary cockroach who is sometimes seen in Strong Bad's room.

Western Animation
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