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I Don't Like Seeing Women Crying

Guy is easily moved by a sad woman.

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Do We Have This One?? Needs More Examples.

Sadness in women has a very strong effect on men. And most time you will hear them say: "I Don't Like Seeing A Woman Cry".

This is an Always Male Stock Phrase of Chivalrous Perverts, Knights In Shining Armour and any other noble type that admits being weak against woman's tears. Very often uttered by the Wife-Basher Basher.

The cause of this is almost always seeing a significant female figure from his past, most likely his mother, being bullied by his father or any other abusive male figure (it's almost always a man or men), and him being unable to do anything to make said woman cheer up.

A kinda dangerous phrase to utter since you can always count on The Vamp or the Manipulative Bitch to make use of it as an Emotional Torque.

Whether or not this is Truth in Television is a YMMV matter.

Related to Sobbin' Women, with which is often overlaps.


  • Sorata from X1999 utters this very phrase when he sees Arashi cry over him.
  • Kuwabara from YuYu Hakusho is also sensitive to this, especially when it's Yukina who cries.
  • Gojyo from Saiyuki is also very sensitive to women's tears due to his stepmother being unable to look at him without crying.
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