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Plot Driven vs. Character Driven
Plot Driven: The story moves the characters. Character Driven: The characters move the story.

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There are many types of stories out there, but all works of fiction only contain two types of stories. Those are plot-driven stories and character-driven stories.

In a Plot-Driven story, the focus of the work is, of course, the plot. It takes center stage and it forces the characters to make decisions on how to resolve it. For example, a Disaster Movie is often about a storm forcing the characters to move to survive.

"They don't cause the tornado-the tornado causes them to react to it."
"The Story Structure Architect"

A Character-Driven story is focused on the choices the characters make, and it contains far more Character Development. The characters themselves cause the plot. For example, a romance is about what the character does to win over his love interest.

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This YKTTW can possibly be made into a sliding scale, do to the fact that the lines can be blured. An Evil Overlord is a character in the story, but his actions often drive the plot, and his choices can change to the point where he can easily stop the plot.
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