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Head Meets Screen
A character is thrust head-first into a television or similar item.
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One especially interesting way to dispatch a character (or otherwise really mess them up) is to have them smash head-first or face-first into a television. It makes a nice smashing noise, often emits some sparks and smoke, and may leave the unfortunate character jiggling uncontrollably as the electricity fries their insides. Often the unfortunate victim of such a move will end up with his or her head sunk entirely within the electronic box, as though it is hollow. The recent predominance of flatscreens over the old tube televisions doesn't seem to have made this trope vanish, possibly because it's a really cool way to kill off a character or end a fight.

The reason the term "screen" is used for this trope instead of "television" is that it could refer to a situation in which someone's head is thrust into any similar device, such as a computer monitor or a microwave oven. An older variation of this involves a jukebox display, although the general disappearance of the jukebox from the public consciousness has made this a fairly rare, if not extinct, variation of this trope.

This is about as close to Truth in Television as Soft Glass, of which this is a sub-trope. The screen on an old-fashioned tube television is the front of an enormous vacuum tube, which has to be made out of extra-thick glass to withstand the pressure. Flat-panel TVs don't have that problem, but their screens are still made at least as strong as a window of the same size. Skulls are tough too, so we're not sure what would end up worse off if you did this in Real Life, but we're betting the screen would be cracked at worst.

This could be the unfortunate result of someone believing too much in a Television Portal.


Anime and Manga
  • In the FLCL episode "Brittle Bullet", Naota and his grandfather are watching TV when Naota's father flies through a wall and ends up headfirst in the TV set. It turns out Haruko had punched him with an extendable boxing glove.

  • During the first movie in the Scream horror series, one of this killers has a big-screen television dropped on his face, shooting sparks and electrocuting him to death.
  • One of Freddy Krueger's victims in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is killed when her head is smashed into a wall-mounted television set--by the television itself (as possessed by Freddy himself, of course).
  • During a Bar Brawl in the blaxploitation film Foxy Brown, one of the fight participants gets thrown head-first into a jukebox.
  • One of the victims in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer meets his fate when Henry and Otis crash a TV screen on his head.
  • One of the main antagonists in Mother's Day (1980) is killed with a similar method.
  • This is how Grocer is dispatched in Grosse Pointe Blank.

Live-Action TV
  • Lorena, one of the nastier vampires of True Blood, was bashed over the head with a flatscreen television in one episode, allowing Bill, her vampire captive, to escape. As she's a vampire, this doesn't kill her, but it does really piss her off.

Web Comics

Western Animation

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