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Immigrant Parents
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Sometimes, a typical (Insert Main Nationality Here) character turns out to have parents who aren't originally from here; they immigrated from some other country, very often The Old Country, and usually still have enough Tropistanian mannerisms to stick out like sore thumbs. They may talk funny (assuming they speak English), dress funny, and perhaps even reveal that their "hip everydude" offspring has a hilariously foreign name. Expect them to be a source of embarrassment for said offspring when they show up, and there may even be some drama about the conflict between one's cultural heritage and the norms of the society they live in.

Older than Television, and has some basis in reality.


  • The Betty Boop episode Minnie The Moocher had her arguing with her Poirot-Speaking German parents

  • A Pup Named Scooby-Doo had Scooby's parents show up in one episode. Cue accents, hats, and the fact that his full name is Scoobert.
  • Rugrats : Deedee has Russian Jewish parents. They even make borscht and talk about the old country.
  • Maus is a retelling of the author's immigrant father's experiences.
  • In The Adventures Of Shirley Holmes, Bo's parents are Ukranian immigrants. They speak with a heavy accent and own a fish shop in Redington. They named their son "Francis Boris" after St. Francis-- a name he doesn't like all that much, he prefers going by "Bo." His father was also part of a typical Ukranian dance troupe, and he has a cousin that is part of one as well.
  • The Weekenders has Pteratishkovna "Tish" Katsufrakis, whose parents have heavy accents, unusual wardrobe, and immigrated from some unpronounceable country.
  • Referenced in the 1.01 of Boardwalk Empire

    Nucky: "Is that a bit of the Old Country I hear."
    Woman comment about her husband saying her accent makes her sound like am immigrant
    Nucky: "Well aren't we all immigrants?"

  • Literature: Children Of The River combines this trope with Parental Dating Veto and Star Crossed Lovers for maximum drama.
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