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Workplace Romance

When two people who work together professionally become romantically involved

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Shayera: It's crazy. We work together.
John Stewart: So? Gives us something in common.
Shayera: We can't be worrying about each other when we're fighting the bad guys.
John: Too late for that. What else you got?

Seen It a Million Times

When you spend all your time at the office, or you just finally notice the person at the desk next to you, its not uncommon to dream about your co-workers as partners. It feels right, you spend all your time together, and being in the same field gives you something in common so you always have something to talk about. Seems perfect.

But there are a ton of reasons why this can go wrong. If you start caring about your co-worker as a lover you may make irrational professional decisions, start showing overt favoritism, or start blurring the line between PDA and harassment at the office.

As such many real world companies discourage or have policies that outright ban dating a colleague. People choosing to do so anyway brace themselves for the consequences believing love conquers all or make it a Secret Relationship. Though some are better at this than others.

This is different than just dating someone on The Team. A Ragtag Group Of Misfits or True Companions already love, favor, and hangout together so dating isn't uncommon. To qualify for this trope there would have to be an agreed upon level of professionalism in play before and romance starts, or a character must invoke this trope In-Universe regarding their relationship.

Compare Teacher/Student Romance. Supertrope to Bodyguard Crush.

  • Justice League: Green Lantern and Hawkgirl enter into a relationship over the course of the first two seasons providing the page quote. Before they make it official themselves it's a clear case of Everyone Can See It.
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