Stomach Sofa Bed
A character rests or sleeps on top of another characters stomach
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  • Western Animation/Animaniacs:
    • "Drive Insane" Wakko and Dot lay on Frau Hassenfeffer; Dot even tells her she's comfy.
    • "Hollywoodchuck" Charlton Woodchuck reads a book while lying on a grizzly bear's stomach while shooting a movie.
  • The Lion King 1: Timon has been sleeping on Pumbaa's stomach for about 5 nights after they saved Simba. Then Simba, along with Timon both slept on him when Simba had a bad dream.
  • My Neigbor Totoro: Mei falls asleep on Totoro's stomach after she identifies him as "Totoro" because of his roar.
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