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Kid Scientist
A child character who is a scientist and/or inventor.
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A Kid Scientist is young (early teens or below) and has an interest in science that goes beyond simply learning about their favorite field. Kid Scientists are distinguished from other bright, nerdy children because they don't just know a lot about their area of interest, they are, in some way, active participants. They do research, perform experiments, or build Homemade Inventions in their bedrooms.

The Kid Scientist is usually a young Science Hero, but less-sympathetic portrayals are possible. For the sake of being interesting to the audience, their exploits tend to be on the flashy side, and Mad Science is not out of the question.

A Kid Scientist is often a Child Prodigy or a Teen Genius, but it's not required. They may be Innocent Prodigies, Adorably Precocious Children, or Constantly Curious.


Anime and Manga
  • Professor Shinonome from Nichijou is an Innocent Prodigy who built two working robots and invented a scarf that gives animals the power of speech. The only time we ever see her not wearing a lab coat is when she's in her pajamas.


Film - Animated

  • The protagonists of the Mushroom Planet books manage, with a small amount of adult assistance, to build a working spaceship and fly it to one of Earth's satellites.

Live-Action TV

  • Jade Harley in Homestuck "dabbles in nuclear physics." Probably several other Homestuck characters would qualify.

Western Animation
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