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Strength Over Strategy
When you're too strong, you don't need to worry about strategy.
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Every game has strategy, not just strategy games.

And when strategy comes along, Not all gamers appreciate it. Lots of gamers experienced this: That One Boss and That One Level seemed so unbeatable no matter how hard you try, and the author make things go worse by keep reminding them at the level loading screen that it's all gamer's fault as they used a wrong strategy.

Strategy? That is ruining your fun now.

So, either your typical Whoring technique is crushed by some level entirely, or it's a Guide Dang It as the boss requires a specific Tech Tree so distinct from the one you dumped all skill points and money on (and of course, no refunds), or the enemy was at the top of the elemental food chain which is effective against all troops on your hand. And the game design is actually not bad other than that.

Some people go rage-quitting. Some decided to overcome this. These gamers take time to get stronger...

Now Screw the Strategy, I'm so Strong!

Note that this can be achieved by many ways: Whoring (like using Zerg Rush to finish all levels easily), Level Grinding (10 more sets of skill points, everything solved. May involve One Stat to Rule Them All), or just using some pure Game Breaker (Like a Disc One Nuke). Some may even use cheats to do this.

As this is a trope, expect smart players to deliberately invoke this to their adventage.

This does not happen only in games, however - there have been battles in Real Life where an army defeated another one with many times the strength (and comparable weapons). This doesn't mean they can always win though.

See also The Law of Diminishing Defensive Effort, and Might Makes Right when you replace "Right" with "Author's intended strategy". Compare Attack! Attack! Attack!. Compare Unskilled, but Strong, where in this trope a win is guarenteed no matter what strategy you've chosen. Also compare Scissors Cuts Rock, where you need not to defy the strategies in this trope, since you just don't care. If you end up losing instead, you can become Leeroy Jenkins.


Video Game Examples

Role-Playing Games
  • The second-to-last battle in Final Fantasy 7. It's a multi-part battle that requires splitting your party into three, defeating two "side" battles, which destroys a shield protecting the part of the boss that's constantly healing the part of the boss you actually have to beat to win. However, if you're strong enough (through level grinding and especially getting a specific powerful summon spell), you can just out-damage the healing and beat it by sheer brute force, without ever switching to the other teams.
  • Due to the damage formula (mainly the progression of upgrades), this is the logical conclusion of high level play as a whole in Disgaea3 and Disgaea4 (where this problem is even worse) as everything dies in one hit, pretty much screwing over any sense of actual strategy or tactics.
  • Very likely to happen on Pokémon games if you trade over a high level pokemon from another game or the Global Trade System, or trade over an egg and hatch it, in which case it will not have the disobedience problem.
    • Or alternately, a lot of level grinding. If you didn't train anything other than your Pikachu in the Yellow version, the first Gym Leader will own you hard, and you have to do this if you want to beat him.
      • Can't beat that one trainer? Your pokemon's level must be too low.
      • That's why you are usually not allowed to battle wild pokemons when doing, say, a Magikarp only run.

Strategy Games

Wide Open Sandbox
  • You'll seriously give up any ounce of strategy in you while playing [PROTOTYPE]. Why? Because Alex Mercer is a walking death machine and can kill thousands of people in a few seconds.

Non-Video Game Examples

  • Xykon from Order Of The Stick firmly believes that there is a certain level of power which no amount of strategic thinking by one's opponents can overcome.
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