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A group of people are walking in a straight line. Suddenly, the person at (or near) the front of the line stops walking for whatever reason. This causes everyone behind the person to bump into one another. This gag is mostly seen in Western Animation.

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    • That one Snow White example is referenced in Psychoville, where the dwarves are told when they go on stage and see Snow White for the first time, they stop and tumble over. It's supposed to prompt the audience to laugh.
  • The The Jungle Book elephants scene was taken from a short called Goliath II.
  • The Magic School Bus of all places.
  • RealLife: Karl von Clausewitz devoted a number of pages to the effects of traffic in military collumns.
  • Princess Princess : The three princesses have been on the stage and are leaving it for a scene change. Mikoto is at front but suddenly stops which cause Tohru and Yuujirou to bump into him and another. The reason to stop: outside the stage waits Mikotos sister and girlfriend, the last two persons he want to see him in girl's clothes and who he actually have asked to go home to prevent it. Mikoto then black out.
  • If The Three Stooges never used this, they'd miss the boat.
  • The hyenas in The Lion King did this. Bonus points for one of them getting bumped off the edge of a cliff into brambles as a result.
  • Another Disney example in Mars and Beyond, while the secretary is being pursued by the Martian leader and his minions. After she changes into her superhero costume, she holds up her hand to stop the leader and his minions slam into him. Watch it here, starting at 7:00.
  • Inverted on Danny Phantom. The girls in the pageant are all walking with books on their heads. Sam is at the back of the line reading hers so she doesn't realize the line is moving at a different speed than she's walking; so she bumps into the last girl in front of her and starts a chain reaction.
  • An American Tail: as the Mousekewitzes board the boat to America, Fievel keeps stopping to ask questions, causing the mice behind him to crash to a halt, eliciting cries of "Keep walking!"
  • Mentioned in Jingo. Vimes, at the head of a procession, spaces out and begins slowing down and finally comes to a halt, and the entire procession does the same, with jostling and bumping for those slow to keep up with events.
  • Happens in the Fellowship of the Ring film, when the Hobbits are running away from Farmer Maggot.
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