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Royal School

A school intended for royal children.

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( or Royal School, or Princesses School)

A subtrope of the Extranormal Institute , where the most distinctive feature of the pupils isn't a paranormal power nor the fact of being freaks, but to be of Royal Blood.

Conveniently, it mix every little girl dream of being a princess and every little girl duty to go to school in modern days .

Little girls will be the main target audience for that reason, and said school is very often a all-girls one. After all princes are a less interesting population, aren't they? Even if the existence of a princes charming sister school in the neighborhood will certainly be mentioned, and pupils of said school be invited for Dances and Balls. And still due to the audience age it will usually be an elementary school.

So, if you have to learn how to be a princess, what will you learn exactly ? Don't expect lessons like maths or literature, rather poise, curtsy, waltz, good manners and horse riding lessons. (Add fencing ones in Princes Academy.) Also arts, and in Genre Savvy stories, wizarding lessons : then princesses won't fear wicked witches any more. For that reason the historical setting is almost always Medieval European Fantasy.

And what about the place? Once again don't expect the typical school building, more something like a Bright Castle, and a huge one. More often than not it will be a Boarding School, with a collective dormitory room for sure, but still pretty fancy: pink walls, canopy beds and satin sheets are included.

Similarly the cafeteria will look like a banquet room, classroom chairs are shaped like thrones, a carriage will replace the school bus. The school dance will be a fancy ball in the dedicated ballroom.

The students wear a Pimped-Out Dress on a daily basis, and a tiara even in bed. An army of maids will take care of them, or at least the local Alpha Bitch will have that privilege. Expect her to be an heiress, from a powerful empire and/or even richer than anybody else.She usually pick on the « poor » princesses from the smallest kingdoms , or a Fish out of Water with a commoner past.

The latter will often be the main protagonist, here because of her Royal Blood she ignored until then for some reason, or due to a scholarship given by an Anonymous Benefactor. If not, The Hero will be a Naïve Newcomer, already familiar with royalty she was born in but ignorant about content of school subjects. In any case it's a Spoiled Sweet.

Teachers will be kings, queens, or fairies. You can wonder why monarchs have better being teachers than rulers of their countries. And why, as well, there is that many students : How many monarchies are there in the world , and how many children does every king have, exactly?

In Real Life, schools for royal children didn't existed like it's depicted in fictional stories. Princesses, all along with other nobles were very well educated but home schooled before compulsory school days. The result looked a lot smaller than in fiction. Modern princes and princesses go among commoners in regulars -yet upper class ones- academies. The reason is, like mentioned before, royal children would never be numerous enough to justify the need to open such a school.

Related to Everything's Better with Princesses, Princess Phase.

Note : In shojos mangas, schools with the exact appearance of royals academies will show up frequently. It's set in a castle, it include a ball room, but it's co-educated and students wear ordinary uniforms because they are filthy rich rather than royals. It include Mei-chan no Shitsuji school, Ohtori Academy, Ouran Academy, St. Marie Academy, and so on.


Anime & Manga

  • Royal High in Royal 17 seems a parody of this. It's in Present Day, and co-educated with uniforms but still, the cafeteria look like a three-stars restaurant,there are chandeliers for lightening halls, it have its own ice rink, and even sticks for hockey class are Gem-Encrusted.

Fan Works


Western Animation

  • Sofia the First : The royal prep is a rare co-educated version, ruled by the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty, and with interventions from the Disney Princess team. Sofia is a Naïve Newcomer here, because she recently became princess by adoption. There is a few pupils and they are from all around the world, to justify the number problem evoked above. But you can wonder how they are not late for school every morning.

  • Little Princesses school by the infamous Mockbuster studio, Video Brinquedo, is about ripoffs of the Disney Princess clique going to school.

  • Barbie: Princess Charm School : Said school revolve around this trope, and yet it subvert it in many ways. The academy is a high school, and the setting is Present Day, although each students have a Fairy Companion. They wear mundane uniforms, ball dresses being for the coronation day. The school isn't princesses-only, a good portion of students are ladies royal in training.
Apart from this it's very classical : tiaras are part of the uniform, (and lockers are topped with these too) the cafeteria look like a normal one until you notice the crystal and silver cutlery, there is a princes school next door, students travel by carriage. And the main protagonist, Blair, is a commoner Fish Out OF Water entered after wining a lady royal scholarship in a lottery. Until it's revealed she was a honest- to- God princess all along.

  • Winx Club : Alfea is a downplayed version : it's primary a Wizarding School for fairies . However, about four of the six main characters are princesses, and four others students are princesses as well ( Galatea from Melody, Crystal from Lymphea, Roxy from Earth, and Varanda from Callisto, who finally cancelled her registration.) The Winx dormitory being filled with princesses, maybe it is a « special royal » one. Plus Alfea is a Bright Castle with a ball room.

Real Life

  • « The princess prep» in London. In 2011, during the royal wedding fever, a kind of boot camp/ evening school was opened for little girls and teach them princesses manners.

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