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Magic Idol Singer

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Magical Girl just potholes another trope when listing this as a Sub-Trope. It should be its own page (and just use that page picture since it fits this so well). But I haven't really watched any such show, so I'll need help with the descriptions and examples.
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    Magical Idol singers come in two varieties - either a girl who is already an idol singer gains the ability to fight crime, usually by way of singing, or a girl who becomes an idol singer through the use of magic.

    As an example, Full Moon wo Sagashiite is a manga where a very young girl gains the ability to transform into a teenage girl. This also allows her to sing by removing the throat cancer that is otherwise stopping her.
  • March 29, 2010
    The Trope Maker was Magic Idol Creamy Mami. A girl aids a fairy and is granted the ability to become a (just barely) adult. She very quickly realizes that she has no idea what to do with herself as a grownup, then stumbles across a talent contest/scouting mission. Her powers give her an invisible band and special effects, and she gets hired as an idol singer. Hilarity Ensues, though there are more serious bits.
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    Marvel Comics: Dazzler is a mutant with the ability to turn sound into light. She used it to become a Disco Diva, but then became a crimefighter.
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    ^^ Not really a magical girl.
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    Though if she's evil, she's obviously an Evil Diva.
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    This type of of Magical Girl is the one that uses the Wish Fulfillment appeal of the genre the most. While the other two types uses her powers to do good deeds or fight the good fight, the Magical Girls here use the powers they gain to achieve their dreams of stardom.

    As the protagonists here tend to be too young to be part of the musical industry, Glam Of Shazam is often used.

    • Fancy Lala is another classical version of the Magical Girl Idol Singer, using the powers granted by her Weasel Mascots to get an adult disguise and a beatiful singing voice.
    • Jem would probably be the closest western counterpart of the classic Magic Idol singer, only she's already an adult and uses highly-advanced technology instead of magic to achieve the disguise.