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Historical protagonists with vague views
Protagonists in historical settings have no stated views on any controversial subjects
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If you’re watching a historical peace set more then a few decades ago chances are you’re never going to hear the protagonist’s explicit views on any thing like sexism, Racism, war, politics or any other controversial issue. The reason for this is because depending on the setting, having such issues openly discussed would mean the writer has to either give the character horrible but period accurate views and risk the audience losing sympathy with them, or give the character modern but historically inaccurate views and abandon any attempt at realism

Occasionally there’s a very odd variation of this where a characters is shown doing something horrible but we’re never told their justification for doing it. The most likely reason for that is because it allows the audience to more easily tell themselves the character doesn’t know any better


  • Gladiator: Maximums would probably seem a lot less sympathetic if he ever tried to explain why he thinks conquering the Germanic tribes is morally A-ok
  • The 2004 King Arthur movie, much like Maximums above we do know he believes in Rome’s superiority but we never hear him say that justifies them conquering the world

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