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Fade Into Head

Before a player takes control of a character in a First-Person game, the camera fades into his/her head

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Before a player takes control of a character in first person shooter, he or she will be treated to an opening cutscene, where they see their character. The camera will zoom towards the character, and enter the back of his or her head, to show that they are taking control of the character.


  • Goldeneye: At the beginning of every level, an opening cutscene would show sections of a level, then end with the camera going into Bond's head.

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution: After the opening cutscene where the game introduces us to Megan and Adam, the camera enters Adam, and then the player takes control of him.

  • The Tutorial Level of Mirror's Edge starts like this.

  • In the first level of Timesplitters 2's story mode, the main character falls out of the time portal and transforms into a (female, although nothing more is said of it) spy who's infiltrating the complex he's trying to find a Time Crystal in. She then says "It's all up to me." and this trope occurs. It's implied the same thing happens in every other level, but it's only shown (and uses this trope) there.

  • Left 4 Dead does this at the start of any campaign.

  • Doom 3 does this at the end of a cutscene.

  • Used in Metroid Prime upon first entering any area. Samus enters the frame in third-person view and briefly surveys the area. Then the camera quickly zooms, in from her back, fading directly into her helmeted HUD.
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