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Lethal Joke Attack
You would think this attack is useless. It's not.
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The Lethal Joke Attack is a counterpart to the Lethal Joke Item and the Lethal Joke Character : It looks silly or useless, but used right, it can very well lead to a Curb-Stomp Battle.

They can roughly be split into two types:
  1. Serious, where the attack is overlooked due to the fact it doesn't look really useful.
  2. Silly, where the attack is overlooked because it..looks silly.

Compare Not Completely Useless, where the attack is only useful against one particular boss or obstacle.


  • Super Smash Bros.:
    • Super Mario Bros.. Luigi's taunt, a little sorry-for-himself kick, is the only one that can damage opponents. It only does 1% of damage with very low knockback, but use it on somebody hanging from a ledge, and the victim will be sent hurling downward, in flames.
    • Pokémon. In the same series, Jigglypuff's Down Special is Rest, who makes it sleep. However, during the first frames of the attack, anyone in contact with Jigglypuff will rocket skyward, with a special effect applied.
  • In Kid Icarus: Uprising, the Celestial Firework just makes a firework explode in front of the user, who doesn't do much damage or set up for anything, but, like offensive powers, it grants the user invincibility for a second, allowing players with enough timing to use it to avoid a attack when there is no place to dodge.
  • In Team Fortress 2, some of the taunts do damage, and a few like the Pyro's flaming Kamehame Hadoken are a One-Hit Kill. You can use these during the "humiliation" phase when a losing team has all their weapons confiscated. They have long start-up animations, so managing a kill with one is difficult.
  • The Goblin Punch skill in Final Fantasy V normally just works like a regular attack, but if the user's and target's levels are the same, it will deal eight times the damage.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Deadpool has his ultimate attack which makes him put on a feminine pose and strut towards his opponent. If the opponent attacks Deadpool while he is strutting, Deadpool knocks them around with their own health bar and hyper combo meter!
  • Bloody Roar: Primal Fury. Being a Lethal Joke Character herself, it comes as no surprise that Uriko's moveset includes two attacks of this nature.
    • The first is her command throw (qcf BL), in which she spins her opponent, dizzying them. It doesn't inflict any damage, but it leaves them in a stagger state which cannot be shaken off, as the the opponent continues to spin. Uriko can simply wait 'til they're in a back turned state before unleashing a combo that inflicts automatic counter damage. Between her attack speed, and the sheer number of hits she can string together, it can easily lead to a free round!
    • Her 'Rising Sky' is only available to her while she's in beast form, and replaces her standard neutral throw. It only inflicts chip damage, but results in an OTG crossup that (again) staggers her opponent as she swithes sides with them. Which (again) allows her to quickly inflict counter damage. Given the speed and attack power increases that come with her cat form... you guessed it.
  • Tekken: Kuma has a move called Deadly Wind. It's not hard to attempt, but it has a ridiculously short range. However, getting it to hit will guarantee a very humiliating victory.

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