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She Cries, You Die
The trope in which a certain character cannot allow a single tear to fall, otherwise destruction ensues.
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So, we've got a person, usually a girl, that everyone seems overly nice to. No one hits them, no one insults them, no one even ignores them.


Because if they cry, you die. It might cause a demon to be unleashed, they might have highly corrosive or poisonous tears, but not matter what happens, if that character cries, chances are you're not going to get out unscathed.


Video Games:
  • There's a handful levels in the original Earthworm Jim where you escort Peter Puppy who turns into a ravenous bloodthirsty monster that hunts and tries to eat you whenever he's hit.
  • Elise in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) does this. If the said person cries, Iblis will be unleashed onto the world, and as we see in Silver's storyline, that already happened. Mephelis kills Sonic (AKA The Iblis Trigger) to make this happen, so taht he can join with Iblis and become Solaris once again.

Live action TV:
  • Maya Herrera's power from Heroes is quite literally this trope. If she cries, black tears fall from her eyes and those around her, killing them all. She once killed her brother's entire wedding reception because she got so distraught over finding his wife cheating on him, that her abilities manifested and she cried. Her power was her power was stolen from her by Arthur Petrelli, after she asked Mohinder to get rid of her powers for her.

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