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Tourist Ad Story

A story that depicts real world cultural or natural wonders in loving detail.

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I am not sure this is even tropable, but this is basically about stories that revel in the descriptions or depictions of Real Life cities and landmarks that serve as their backdrops. The story doesn't have to be about said landmarks but an unusual amount of historical and artistic detail is given about them, nonetheless.


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  • May 21, 2013
    Difference from Scenery Porn?
  • May 22, 2013
    ^ I was always under impression that Scenery Porn is about the visual appeal of the backgrounds. In my examples, it's mainly about history and art detail.
  • May 22, 2013
    I can think of examples of sitcoms that have vacation episodes where the characters have contrived hijinks while go around to as many tourist attractions as possible like: Brady Bunch - had a four part Hawaiian Vacation Full House - Visited Disneyland

    The National Lampoon Vacation Movies also did this, especially the first two, "Vacation" and "European Vacation" Also, there are a few anime that go out of their way to highlight the tourist attractions, local specialties and souvenirs etc.

    Tsuritama - Crams in as many possible tourist plugs for Enoshima (an island in Japan) as possible: including the aquarium, enoshima tower, the historic enoshima bridge, the botanical gardens, the local specialty foods (white bait icecream and "enoshima don" rice bowl with white bait), local sport (bass fishing), how to charter a boat, what kind of fishing tackle to buy, the local legends, the local festival, temple and regional dance. The show even manages to include explicit freeway and train directions on how to get there.

    Also, many high school anime include the class trip episode, which features the characters going to another part of Japan on an overnight field trip, often highlighting the local tourist attractions.

    "Love-Com" - they go to Hakodate, Hokkaido

    But this seems to be different from your examples above which focus specifically on detailed descriptions of architecture.
  • May 22, 2013
    Note that Dan Brown is quite prone to making amazingly vivid descriptions that are complete and utterly wrong in many ways. See Dan Browned for all the details. It's quite spectacular, really.
  • September 20, 2013
    Discarding because this one didn't go anywhere...