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Unwitting Muggle Friend
A friend is unaware of the true nature of their friend.
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Rolling updates We have Jane. Jane is the hero of the story,but she is a supernatural entity. Whether she is a Vampire/werewolf/zombie/etc, is not important. She has a secret, and the secret must remain such because of an ancient conspiracy/top secret goverment agency/fantastic racism... In comes Nick, Jane's best friend. They share everything, and tell each other everything. Well, almost everything.

Cue ironic statements about this show being "dead" or how it "bites". Sometimes the show will lead up to the reveal, and will harp on about the true test of friendship. But more often than not, Status Quo Is God and the friend will remain unwitting. This can be especially jarring if the nonhuman friend has obvious visual cues as to their true identity... (A vampire's teeth, wizard's hat, alien's green hair, etc). If a friend also has an alias, then we have [insert trope name]. Or if the suposed friends alter egos are in reality enemies, then it's a case of [insert trope name]

Compare Locked Out of the Loop, Muggle Best Friend


Anime and Manga
  • An inversion occurs in Rosario + Vampire. Tsukune is the token human who tries to keep his humanity a secret from his friends. They're pretty blind to it for most of the first season. Eventually everyone finds out, but he manages to convince the majority of the school he isn't human.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, Dr. Sachie Ishida, Hayate's treating physician, is pretty much the last muggle adult kept out of the loop (that Hayate, Nanoha, etc. are magic-users). Leads to an amusing conversation in one Sound Stage, where the mages are supposed to mind their tongue around Ishida but fail repeatedly, such as when Signum is unable to bring herself to address Lindy as anything but "Admiral".

Comic Books
  • Superman is a super powered alien from another planet who disguises himself as mild mannered reporter, Clark Kent. His friend Jimmy Olson doesn't know the truth and neither do any of his co-workers. Lois Lane might or might not know Depending on the Writer. The only other muggles in on the truth are Superman's adoptive parents who may or may not be dead, DOTW.
  • Spider-Man keeps his identity a secret from everyone he knows; friends, colleagues, even his Aunt May. Mary Jane was the only one he let in on the secret.

Live-Action TV
  • In Forever Knight everyone else on the police force generally, and Nick's partners Schanke and Vetter in particular, are unaware that he's a vampire. In a twist, Vetter is aware that there are vampires but she thinks that she's keeping that a secret from him.
  • All four aliens in 3rd Rock from the Sun had friends and even love interests who didn't know the truth about them.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch had a few like her boyfriend Harvey and best friends Jenny and Valerie.

Video Games
  • Immortal Souls has Friendly Neighborhood Vampire John's Unwitting Muggle Love Interest, Allison. She finds his behavior and physical traits odd sometimes, but mostly worries that he's sick or is having problems rather than thinking anything major is up. Most of the games' plots involve him trying to keep her in the dark about him and the supernatural world even when she's being threatened and/or held hostage by his equally monstrous (but disguised) enemies.

Western Animation
  • In the German show School For Vampires, Sunshine is totally unaware that Oscar is a vampire. She even goes as far as dressing him up as a vampire so he can pretend he is one!
  • Trixie and Spud are this to Jake in American Dragon Jake Long. Then they find out and become his Secret Keepers instead.
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