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Honk if Your Horn is Useless
A driving game allows you to honk the horn when it doesn't do anything
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Honking the horn on your vehicle is a good form of stress relief. Why do you think every one likes doing it so much in Real Life? Video game developers realize this and allow you to honk the horn while driving in their games even if it doesn't do anything.

Sub-Trope of Taunt Button.


First-Person Shooter
  • Battlefield Play4Free: Although the horn does nothing, the other players will be able to hear your horn. Then they'll really know you mean business.
  • Halo lets you honk the horn on the Warthog and Mongoose. It does absolutely nothing... but oddly enough, is still counted by the game as firing your weapon, so one mustn't honk it if they're going a Pacifist Run achievement.

Driving Game
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The horn can be used to alert a friend that you have arrived to pick them up, but pulling up a few feet closer to them will do the same thing. Elsewhere, the horn does nothing.
  • Sunday Drive on the Genesis version of the Action 52 multicart has a car with no controls other than the horn.
  • Deadly Premonition. It also has turn signals.
  • Each car in Cruisin' USA and its related games has a unique horn sound, each of which has no effect on gameplay whatsoever.
    • One car has a machine gun for its horn - not with real ammunition, of course.
  • Some Mario Kart games have a horn, such as Double Dash

Video Games

Online Flash Games

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