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Feminism Justifies the Hate Dom
When fans use feminism to justify hating something.
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Fans will often dissolve into long, heated arguments about their favorite shows, films, books, etc. Hate Dom is often prevalent during this discussions, since all fans have something they dislike, and fans will often use anything at their disposal to justify why something is "wrong" or "poorly written." One of the more common argument used by fans is to state that the character, film/show/book/other or plotline that they dislike is bad because its "sexist". Sometimes this is a valid point, especially when the item under discussion is blatantly sexist, such as a screaming damsel in distress character who is constantly treated as a prop. Sometimes, however, the fandom will simply use this trope to justify hating someone who is only a mild version; a character whose sexism is debatable, and could be seen as a decent role model. Or using feminism to justify hating a story where it is only used mildly. Either way, this trope is in play: fans are using feminism to justify their hate.

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