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Sinister Seven
A group of seven villains.
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In essence, any group of seven villains. The most common number in a group of villains after the Five-Bad Band and Terrible Trio.

Often times each member will represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins to further cement their "evilness".

Contrast The Magnificent Seven Samurai


Anime & Manga
  • The seven Homunculi in Fullmetal Alchemist (with each one having a deadly sin for a name to boot).
  • The Shichibukai of One Piece (though starting around the Impel Down arc, the number of loyal members began to fluctuate, and has not always been at seven).
  • The Anten Seven in Outlaw Star.
  • In YuYu Hakusho Sensui's gang has seven members plus Sensui himself has seven different personalities.

Comic Books
  • The alien villains of the Bloodlines crossover each corresponded to one of the Deadly Sins.
  • The Fantastic Four have occasionally battled a team of magic-wielding villains called Salem's Seven.
  • Both the first and second versions of Justice League villain team the Injustice Gang had seven members; the second version, led by Lex Luthor, was a deliberate mirror image of the JLA's "Big Seven," essentially making them the seven sins to the League's seven virtues.
  • The league of seven evil exes from Scott Pilgrim
  • The Seven Deadly Enemies of Man in Shazam. In the original 1940's comics, they were close to the seven deadly sins but not exact (lust wasn't included, for instance). In modern comics they are actually the seven deadly sins.
  • Spider-Man's Legion of Doom the Sinister Six once added a member and became the Sinister Seven.
  • Parodied in AlanMoore's Supreme with Lord Sin, a demon with seven heads and personalities each based on one of the deadly sins.


[[Live-Action Television]]
  • The "Significant Seven" humanoid Cylons from Battlestar Galactica (the other 5 were a different faction, to be as spoiler-free as possible).

  • The Blue Öyster Cult, Seven Screaming Dizbusters, part of Sandy Pearlman's Imaginos cycle and to do with, insofar as the Word Salad lyrics can be deciphered, seven renegade demons who are so badass that they've rebelled against Lucifer and gone it alone. The song suggests Lucifer has put out his force and the Seven are fighting a last stand with only death and oblivion to look forward to.

  • In the final episode of Blackadder (the first series) Blackadder gathers the six most evil men in England (with himself as the seventh) to take over the country.

Video Games
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