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Kindly Housekeeper
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You know this lady. She's portly (or maybe just Hollywood Pudgy), perpetually smiling (or she could be a Servile Snarker, it varies), and always ready to do what you need her to do - she is always there should you need someone to take out the trash, do the laundry, or be a shoulder to cry on. She'll always have a nice breakfast for you ready in the morning, and will take your coat for you once you come back home. She's the Kindly Housekeeper.

Such ladies can be a Parental Substitute to the children - if there any - to substitute for the Disappeared Dad or the Missing Mom. She will also often play Team Mom to the other servants. Can be a Supreme Chef considering that it's all part of the job, or an Apron Matron. Contrast Creepy Housekeeper.




Live Action TV

  • Mrs. Bridges is the Kindly Queen of Kitchen in Upstairs Downstairs. She does have something of a temper, but is a caring mother to the servant folks.
  • Alice from The Brady Bunch is portrayed this way.
  • In the Doctor Who serial "Ghostlight" the kindly housekeeper leaves at sunset, and once she and the day staff have left the Creepy Housekeeper appears. Guess when the TARDIS arrives.
  • Mrs. Garrett, Edna, and Pearl from Diff'rent Strokes.

Western Animation

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