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Butt Full of Camera
Having a characters butt be in front of camera after he/she sits on someone
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In most cartoons there are times when someone big and heavy could accidently or purposely sit on someone an they would even be stuck on their butts. The camera could have a P.O.V. Cam of the person about to be sat on and their butt obscures the camera. Or someone could just have a closeup of their butt. Can also be called a Butt Crushing.


  • Alpha and Omega: With Mooch landing on Humphrey after a sled ride.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar:
    • "An Elephant Never Forgets" with Burt the elephant crushing Kid Kazoo with the "Two Cheeker"
    • "Misfortune Cookie" near the end with a brown duck landing on Rico
    • "Antics on Ice" with Roy the Rhinoceros landing on Skipper
  • Back at the Barnyard episode "The Tale of Two Snottys" where Otis climbs up a ladder and lands on Snotty Boy
  • The Legend of Tarzan: a running gag with Tantor sitting on Terk
  • Kung Fu Panda: in a slow motion scene with Po sits on Tai Lung while they're falling down stairs
  • Rocko's Modern Life:
    • "Floundering Fathers": with Heffer as he, Filburt and Ed try to move a boulder view the clip here
    • "Seat to Stardom": when it was Heffer's turn to sit on the "stardom chair"
  • Lion King 1 1/2:
    Timon: "How am I supposed to look beyond what I see beyond that?"
    Pumbaa: "Huh? Oh, sorry."
  • GForce:
    Darwin: Get your butt out of my face!
    Hurley: Get your face out of my butt!
  • My Gym Partner's A Monkey:
    • "Chew on This" at the end with Principal Pixiefrog "You've made you're point".
    • "The Butt of the Jake" happens in the beginning and a few more times
  • Family Guy:
    • "Viewer Mail No. 2, Point of Stew": where a farting Polish kid lands on Stewie after going on a slide
  • Teacher's Pet: about twice Jolly and Pretty Boy's petsitter Ms. Boogin
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: with Wario's Special Punch attack in the Dream Boxing Event
  • Robots: Aunt Fanny crushes Rodney with her fanny
  • Animaniacs:
    • "The Boids" with the director, Alfred Hitchcock, sitting on the Goodfeathers. Then they're shown stuck to his butt
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