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Refusing the Promotion
When the hero has a goal that is out of their reach but realises he was always happy just where he was.
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Some times the hero is a Failure Hero and wants to be something more. He'll struggle and get nowhere. But after he over comes his challenges, he'll be offered what he always wanted. Only now he knows what he truly wants. This leads to him ultimately rejecting the offer.



  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop He wants to a state trooper, but he fails because of his hypoglycemia. He saves the day and is offered to join them but he turns him down to continue working at the mall.

Live-Action Television

  • Commander William Riker, first officer of the Starship Enterprise throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation has promotions and his own starship commission dangled in front of him on a few occasions by Starfleet Command over the course of the series. He always chooses to remain as first officer and serve under Captain Picard.

  • M*A*S*H: Ed Bagley Jr. plays a hapless, clumsy GI who is also a great chef. When a visiting general discovers this, he wants him transferred to his personal staff. The GI declines, requesting that he be sent back to his unit on the front - but as the camp cook this time

  • In the Heights: Usnavi wants to retire on a lovely island, but when he gets lucky enough to get out of his job and do it, he ends up staying in the barrio with his friends and family.

Western Animation

  • Part of the plot of the animated movie Cars, Lightning is certain that if he wins the Piston Cup, he will be offered a sponsorship with Dinoco (whom he views as the most prestigious sponsor on the Racing circuit) at the end of the movie we see the head of Dinoco offer him the sponsorship just for lightning to turn it down and staying with his current sponsors.
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